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Un pequeño juego muy divertido. Me gustó muchísimo

I would have run away from home immediately after the sound of broken glass.......

Started our most recent Horror Pack with this, we had fun finding out who broke in! Playthrough starts at 1:12

Short but Sweet game!

Big fan of all your games so far Timeberwell :) Enjoyed playing this one!

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this was a good short spook! it did a good job of the scaryness and overall is fine so you dont have to say sorry for rushing if you dont want too

I found the intruder.

Interesting game, enjoyed it!!

MCA Horror replied:

This was so dark on my computer screen I had to take off my glasses... I kinda wished it was more... creepy?

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i love your vision for your games. had fun with this one. 

I really enjoyed it. The fear of someone breaking in your home is no joke. That fear and that last part man gave me them spooks.
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Played your game for a short indie horror games video. Thanks for making it! 2nd in the video if you're interested

5 estrellas

muy corto pero ta bien

buen juego


This game was quite funny to me rather than scary. Nevertheless, I still had my fun with it. The amount of bathrooms in that house astonished me! 

I was a big fan of Almost Home Now and was happy you had a new game out! Loved the direction you took with this one and was surprised by the ending with the intruder! I featured your game in my double horror playthrough!

I liked the game both in terms of visuals and gameplay. I would like to play a little longer. But despite the fact that she is short, she still managed to scare. Good luck with development!

I will be glad to subscribe to the channel (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

Pretty cool game!(2nd in video)

This was great!  It's so incredibly creepy to be searching the house knowing someone or something broke in.  Even with the lights on it's unsettling all the way through.  Even without the monster this would be at least a 9/10.

really loved the game, but didn't have any jump scarys(its been 1 and half mouth sense i recorded or played a game both on pc and phone)


Sweet short horror! Was on edge the whole time xd

I liked the simplicity, the strange sounds and the eerie vibe of the game! Really nice! 

Would've loved an extra sound when the *intruder* appears, but was nice nonetheless!

PS: Don't have to say sorry for making a short game, it's fun as it is! We're just glad to get another short game to try ^^


This Monster really broke into my house Lmao it was short but it was interesting 

I hope you guys enjoy my commentary 😁

Short and Sweet :D 

I enjoyed this game a lot. I always like the PS1 style, and this game had a really cool interior to explore as you search for the elusive intruder. I dubbed the prowler the

Shard-Making Crawler. You have to play the game to understand.. or watch my video. Good job on this and Almost Home Now. :)
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lmao, this is a fun horror game. I really enjoyed it :D

This wasn't bad at all! Just like your  first game, the environment here was really spooky and the sounds to enhance that were done well too! Only thing I would say could improve would be to make the sound more muffled once the player is upstairs so they know to go downstairs, other than that, it was a fun game and cool little way to connect the story to the previous game, it was short but spooky, great job!

Great short little game, Loved the monster design.

Took me a minute to finish but that's my own fault. Monster is so cool looking. between this and almost home I'm loving the stuff you're coming out with 

Interesting game, love the monster, very cool looking, game no.1 in this vid. Almost Home now is no.3, I enjoyed both the games, good work.

I like it! Got a little confused where the beeping was coming from. lol

I will be playing this live 6/6 around 7 EST =).

Fun game, very phobic. However, I knew from the start it wouldn't end well when my character was like "Oh well, if there's an intruder nothing I can do." Maybe a death wish, which means I got a good ending. Enjoyed searching for the intruder, thanks for creating!


Some gameplay Intruder! Exploring all the place Im from Indonesia 


Your game was the first game in the video!

[Starts at 03:55]

The game is very short but manages to radiate terror in the player. Good job!

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